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Generally lawyers who only have English language skills who want to move to Europe will closely look at Amsterdam. It is a major finance centre and the calibre of the work on offer is excellent. Working in teams, junior and mid-level lawyers will gain experience beyond that of their peers who have remained in London or elsewhere. This makes working in Amsterdam an excellent career move.
From a lifestyle perspective, many professionals will cycle to work. The commute as you may currently know it will soon disappear should you move to Amsterdam. As is well known, there is a great bar and restaurant scene, and travel from Amsterdam to other European destinations is both easy and cheap.

Opportunities available

Principal demand is for:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Arbitration


While local lawyers get paid substantially less, a UK or common law lawyer will get a package that will often be close to London rates. The norm is 10-15% below London rates. This reflects the significantly cheaper cost of living in Amsterdam which is approximately 30% below that of London. The net effect of course is an uplift on what you would have earned in London.

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