dubai city at night

Middle East

The Middle East is an attractive place to work:

  • Generous tax free salaries equivalent to London gross wages – plus benefits
  • International work experience looks great on your CV
  • Working in the Middle East enables you to advance to partnership level quickly, both in the Middle East and in New Zealand or Australia
  • You will receive a Tax free salary and allowances
  • You will expedite your career path with major international firms
  • You will have easy access to world class sporting events
  • You will step back in time to a place where you can still leave your keys in the car!
  • Your children will have access to an excellent range of western schools, offering choices of British, American and International schools
  • Your children can still have McDonalds; Subway; KFC; ice skating and skiing in Malls; visit the Zoo; go to Fun Parks; indoor and outdoor swimming
  • You can eat out at an amazing array of irresistible International and traditional cuisine often very reasonably priced
  • You will have access to a great range of activities ranging from: Desert safaries, dhow cruises; world class golf facilities and fishing, water sports, camel racing , visits to gold souks, art galleries, museums, ancient forts and archaeological sites; and in addition this is a gateway to Asia Africa and Europe!

Living in the Middle East

Living in the Middle East, while with obvious cultural differences, does have similarities to living in the U.K. and America. There are a large number of Australasians living in the Gulf enjoying the life style; interesting scenery; excellent shopping malls; major fast food outlets and great sporting facilities. The Middle East is a gateway to Europe, and Asia making it a very attractive place to live for those who enjoy global travel!


Housing is a relatively expensive item in an expat’s budget, however, it is covered by the Employer either as an allowance or a lump sum. Housing in the Gulf is generally of an excellent standard.

Typical costs for accommodation are as follows: a one bedroom apartment costs are from approximately USD2,500 to USD3,000 per month. Villas are more expensive and range from USD3,500 upwards.


Schooling is of a high quality, offering parents a great choice. Generally the schools are co-educational, with English the main language spoken.

Schooling is more expensive than public schooling in Europe and America but comparable to some private schools.

Below is a list of a few popular schools for expats:

  • The American School of Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School
  • Parkhouse English School
  • Qatar Canadian School


You are allowed to drive with your national licence for one week or alternatively you may use an international driver’s licence for six months after which it is compulsory to have a valid local driver’s licence.

How to Get a Qatari Driver’s License:

  • Three passport size photos, your passport, your Qatari ID, your Sponsor’s ID as well as photocopies of your passport and your sponsor’s ID
  • Complete an application form at the driving licence section at Medinat Khalifa Traffice Department
  • You will have to take an eyesight test
  • Your sponsor will need to sign the application form


The Middle East caters for children and families. For example, on a visit to the mall the children can make use of ice skating rinks or the whole family can ski in the mall. Modern movie theatres are also easily accessible in the malls.

There are also a number of children’s theme parks, playgrounds, zoos and sporting and club activities.